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“Honestly Honey …. You have to try this!”

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I must admit, I’m not one for product punting but when it comes to good food, I can’t help but share. Food is my life, its who I am, it’s what I do.. it’s what excites me and makes me tick. I love to think about it… I love to read about it, I looove to cook with it, but most of all I LOVE to eat it !! Without food, my world is grey.

So when The Farmers Table invited me to their feast last week .. I drove from out of town just so that I could, well…EAT!

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The Farmers Table hosted a feast….…picture a  lovely big old farm table in the heart of the CBD, laden with organic, good old fashioned, high quality products. All the products were locally sourced and almost shown off , as they got to “speak” for themselves . As I arrived I mingled and munched my way through the warm glow of jovial guests, meeting some cool new suppliers and lined my tummy with  such yummy nibbles. The vibe was warm and honest.

There was biltong, beer, wonderful wine, cheeses, dukkha, crusty bread, REAL good butter, high quality “show-off” vegetables that are still happy and healthy in my fridge. And then almost unassumingly displayed on the table there was this unique silver tube of honey with the most beautiful pencil drawing of a honey bee on it.

It was almost like an artist’s tube of paint.  This one was full of liquid gold… raw honey. It was so inviting squeezing the honey on to fingers, bread crusts, cheese slices…. Yeah we had fun with the honey tube hahaha.

Towards the end of the evening my friend asked me what my favourite taste of the evening was…… I just loved the honey. What a cool gift though. Honey is precious and raw honey has so many health benefits !

So I left with my special gift of honey and a bunch of the greenest, crispest spinach form a local farmer….. and did what I do best: I cooked, I baked and then I played with my food.

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A new twist on my Greek heritage…Spanakopita. I drizzled mine with raw honey and sprinkled over toasted sesame seeds. When the sweet honey touches your lips… its does something .. it makes you wanting more. The sweetness of the honey balances out and compliments the spinach and salty feta cheese inside.  I felt like it was too special to share too much of it. Its delicious… my new guilty pleasure is…. Squeezing it right out the tube and into my mouth !!

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Order your #TheFarmersTable honey from our online store!

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