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Introducing FruitLips

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Having grown up in SA, all of us here at The Farmers Table have had our fair share of delightful jams and preserves. There’s no better thing to buy on a road trip from North to South and no greater pleasure to stop by any one of the many padstals along the way the way, and purchase a taste of Tannie se jam or Ouma se Beskuit! That’s why, when we discovered FruitLips jams and preserves, we couldn’t but help partner up and stock their delightful products in our online market.

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FruitLips jams it out to the tune of hard work, caring for the community and sweet rewards. Liebré Eigelaar, the founder of FruitLips, started her career off as a chef. After some time spent in the industry, life on her family farm, Achtervlei in the Piket-bo-berg eventually had a stronger allure. Her initial idea was to establish a type of ‘relaxation retreat’ for Capetonians and tourists alike. But as it happened, the farm next door opened a fruit factory, and this proved to be the defining moment for her new venture “FruitLips” which took off in 2013.

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FruitLips success has been guaranteed by the power trio of Liebré, her mother Deidré and Elouise. Alongside Liebré as general manager, Deidré played an integral part in the early days of setting up the business as mentor and investor. The third pillar of the business was Elouise – who brought with her an incredible knowledge of fruit and all things preserves!

Presently, this power-tri heads a team of ten employees directly involved in the manufacturing of their fruity goods.

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Looking at FruitLips’s incredible range of products, one can hardly be surprised by their success. The menu consists of jams, marmalades, fruits in syrup, chutneys and sauces – all beautifully, and colourfully labelled.

Whether you are preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner, FruitLips has something tasty for any and every occasion. Our favourites have been the Blueberry + Marula jam – best enjoyed with Greek yoghurt OR the Strawberry + Rose jam which proves to be a great addition to your scones and cream!

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Apart from their focus on delivering high-quality goods, FruitLips ticks all the boxes for a green business. All water used within the factory is recycled and re-used in the herb and vegetable gardens so no water is wasted. They are also actively part of the Piket-bo-berg Residents Association and Piketberg Tourism, constantly keeping a watchful eye on their carbon footprint by sourcing raw materials within a 150km radius of the farm. They alsouse fruit waste to create earthworm extract which is used as a mineral enhancer for soil. In 2017, FruitLips won a PERRA award for Most Innovative Business. And just about a month ago, on the 9th of August, they won TWO awards at the DAFF Female Entrepreneur Awards of the Western Cape. The first award was for runner-up of the Top Entrepreneur Processing, and the second for the winner of the Ministerial Special Award for Youth.

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Order your FruitLips products from our online store!

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